Request a new registration code or vehicle registration certificate

Online registration code & vehicle registration certificate service

Have you misplaced your registration code or vehicle registration certificate?

Jointly with you vehicle registration certificate you always need to have a registration code. You need the registration code when you wish to sell or export your car, motorcycle or scooter. If you wish to demolish your vehicle, you also need to have a registration code.

Did you lose the code (or a part of it), then you can directly request a new one. You will receive your new registration code consisting out of 9 digits. Your old registration code will become invalid immediately.

Terms for requesting a new registration code

You can only request a new registration code when:

  • the vehicle is registered on your name
  • someone else gave you the permission to request it on behalf of you

Is the vehicle not registered on your name, but you still want to receive a new registration code? Please contact the RDW customer service.

Misplaced vehicle registration certificate or registration code

Did you also lose (part) of your vehicle registration certificate? Then you will also need to request a new vehicle registration certificate. You will then also receive a new registration code. For more information please go to request a new registration certificate.

No registration code with a paper vehicle registration document

Do you have a vehicle registration document in paper form? Then you do not have to request a registration code. With a paper vehicle registration document you never have a registration code.