Frequently asked questions

Als u uw voertuig wilt verkopen, overschrijven, schorsen of exporteren. Dan heeft u een tenaamstellingscode nodig. You can easily request the registration code via our website. You will receive the registration code within a few working days by post at the address where you are registered.

After you have submitted an application, you will receive a confirmation email from us. You will then receive the new registration code by post within 3 working days. You will receive the code at the same address where your license plate is registered. You cannot request to have the regitstration code sent to another address.

When you request the registration codecode from us on Monday-Thursday between 00:00 and 20:00, it will be sent by the RDW within two working days. Under normal circumstances, you will receive the registration code within 3 working days. (Please note that no mail is delivered on Mondays).

If the request arrives at us on a Friday or during the weekend, it will normally be delivered to you by post on the following Wednesday or Thursday.

If you want priority in the processing process, choose the 'Urgent' option.

The registration code will be sent to the address of the registered owner / holder of the license plate. You can see which license plates are registered in your name at

To see which address of yours is known to the government / RDW, you can log in to >> "Personal information" >> “Personal Records Database” You will see your Address details on this page. The registration code will be sent to your current address. is a commercial online service provider in the field of RDW registration codes. Your registration code will be requested from the RDW after you have entered your details. is separate from the RDW, we only process ascription code requests. is not part of the RDW or any other government agency.

Als u uw meldcode van uw voertuig niet kunt vinden bestaat de mogelijkheid dat een onderzoek naar uw voertuig in kan stellen. Voor meer informatie gaat u naar meldcode voertuig aanvragen.

When you request a new registration code on, € 16.45 will be charged. You will immediately receive a confirmation of your request after payment. We also offer an urgent service for only €1.99 extra. In case of an urgent request, you will receive priority over regular requests.

No, you can only receive a registration code if you have a vehicle registration certificate / card. Request a new vehicle registration certificate here in combination with a new registration code.

1.) Check your email box first. It may be that we miss data, we will always send you an e-mail. Tip: also check your spam / junk folder.
2.) Have you not received a registration code by post after 5 working days? Then fill in this form.

Can I get my money back?
After you have placed your order, the service is delivered directly by It is not possible to get your money back. By using this website you waive your right of withdrawal. If we do not receive all the necessary information from you to request the registration code for you, you cannot claim a refund.